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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Podcasting in Tønder - the schools own tv-news.

Tønder Gymnasium now has its own televisionstation. Since first of February the show “TG News” has been available for students, teachers and all others on the internet by podcastsubscription. “TG News” is a 5-10 minutes newsshow, that covers resent events connected to the school. The work is done entirely by volunteers amongst the students.
The project was launched by the schools two media-teachers, my college and I, and we are still pulling a few strings, but the students are increasingly becoming more and more independent.

Besides the obvious fact that the involved students learn a lot about televisionproduction and the role of the media, “TG News” also plays a role in the internal and external communication of the life on the school.

To watch available episodes of “TG News” (it's in danish!) the podcastsubscription-url is:
I recommend using iTunes. Click here for a quick guide to subscribing to podcasts.

Wondering what "podcast" is all about? Click here for wikipedia.


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    By Blogger Schmack, at 9:10 PM  

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